Wonder, Indeed

Preserved in amber.

Friend and fellow writer, David Licata, recently published Wonder in r.kv.r.y. quarterly literary journal. I had the privilege of seeing this short story undergo the mysterious metamorphosis that is revision. Over the course of several months, an early draft that was beautiful all on its own became heart-achingly so. I interviewed him about this process for r.kv.r.y (you can read the full Q&A here).

This transformation, in its most elemental form, is nothing short of magic. It is probably among the primary reasons I am drawn to storytelling, whether on the page or spoken aloud. There is something divine about the way time, reflection, and synergy occasionally coalesce in such a way that the complex mélange that is living on this earth is made crystalline by the words used to depict it. Like an insect preserved in amber. Or a breath of primordial air encased deep within the blue stillness of glacial ice.

David’s Wonder is a bit like that.


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